Changing Perspectives


HexCam is a professional drone service provider specialising in

Asset and Site Inspections

Surveys and Mapping

Creative Aerial Imagery

We have the in-house experience and expertise to work in a range of industries and environments and pride ourselves on selecting the right equipment to get you the results you need in a format that’s right for you.

Using our remotely piloted drones we safely and efficiently capture the aerial photographs, video or other visual or thermal data required for your particular application with a detail and precision to suit the most demanding requirements and environments. We use cutting edge software and powerful cloud computing to process and present the results exactly as you need them.

HexCam has CAA permission to fly multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones up to 20kg commercially, day or night, throughout the UK. All of the examples seen on our website  have been created using our own drones and imaging equipment.

We look forward to working with you to discover how we can change your perspective


Our clients

HexCam has worked with a large number of great clients. Below are a few examples: