Social Housing Project Nominated for RIBA Stirling Prize 2019

Jul 18, 2019 | Creative Video

100 of the most energy efficient homes in the UK, reducing energy bills by 70% to tenants, are nominated for a RIBA Stirling Prize. As far as we can tell, it is the first time a social housing project has been nominated for such a prestigious award.

The Goldsmith Street project of Norwich City Council, designed by Mikhail Riches, is described as “quietly miraculous” in The Guardian’s article: “I’ve seen the future and it’s Norwich: the energy-saving, social housing revolution”.

“It’s already won lots of awards, which is lovely, and other councils are really envious, but that’s not the point,” says Gail Harris, the Labour council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for social housing. “It’s about people having good quality homes and low fuel bills. And we plan to build a lot more.”

HexCam helped film the construction of this project and from the outset it excited us. Andy Bodycombe, MD of HexCam says: “Having built my own Passivhaus and experiencing incredible energy savings first-hand, this is what “affordable housing” is really about. Low energy demand in housing means lower running costs for residents but also contributes towards reducing the country’s overall CO2 emissions. I’ve always advocated energy efficiency in parallel with renewable energy generation. We’re very happy to be based in the East of England where a city like Norwich is taking a lead on energy efficient housing and where clean energy solutions such as solar and offshore wind are flourishing.”

We wish every person involved in this project our congratulations and hope to see more of these kind of environmentally and financially sustainable housing solutions. Enjoy the video here.