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The HexCam Team

Our team is the key to our success and reputation. As well as all being fully-qualified drone pilots, we bring a wide range, and many years, of technical, scientific, creative, engineering and commercial skills and experience to the company and are focussed on providing professional and reliable drone services in a truly ethical and sustainable way. We are a “Just Culture” company – learning from our mistakes (yes we all make them) rather than blaming each other. We are Real Living Wage employers and make sure that the work life balance remains level for all our employees.

Our Team

Rowley Cory-Wright

Rowley Cory-Wright

Director & Pilot

Rowley has been flying helicopters since 2006 and as recently as 2018 was flying out over the Southern North Sea in often horrendous conditions.  Before that, he flew Manned Airborne Surveillance Gazelles in Northern Ireland and was a tank commander in the cavalry.  Rowley became a HexCam Director in 2017 after qualifying as a drone pilot in April 2016 and is our in-house expert on surveying, mapping, 3D modelling (‘digital twins’) and photogrammetry.  There isn’t much he doesn’t know about process automation or securing the right software platform to present data sets to clients in a meaningful and digestible format.

Elliott Corke

Elliott Corke

Founding Director & Pilot

Elliott is one of HexCam’s founding Directors and one of the most experienced drone pilots in the UK after qualifying for his CAA “PfCO” back in May 2012.  He’s also one of the founding members of ARPAS UK, the drone industry trade association, and is a highly respected CAA approved trainer (RAE) of commercial drone pilots through HexCam’s sister company Global Drone Training.  Before working with drones, Elliott had a career as a secondary school science teacher and comes from a highly scientific Marine Biology background. Elliott has his finger well and truly on the pulse of drone legislation and technology and is passionate about drone service provision as a professional and credible industry.

Richard Preen

Richard Preen

Business Manager & Pilot

Richard joined HexCam in July 2023 as our new Business Manager. Richard comes to us not only with experience of flying drones commercially but also years (over 5,100 hours!) of Flight Instructor, Captain and finally Saxon Air Charter Ltd Hawker Fleet Manager aviation experience. On top of that, Richard’s previous commercial experience in the banking and finance sectors will help HexCam move forward on its journey.

Scott Rallison

Scott Rallison

Technical Manager & Pilot

Scott has been working with HexCam since April 2021 and joined us as a full-time pilot and drone technician in October 2021. Scott is a highly-skilled RC model aircraft pilot (he’s actually sponsored by Probuild to fly extreme aerobatics at model shows) and FPV drone racer. He quickly learned how to fly slower to help us deliver all of our creative and technical drone services including our FPV fly-throughs. Scott is our in-house Level-1 qualified thermographer and also makes sure that our fleet of drones is maintained, serviced and flight ready at all times.

Andy Bodycombe

Andy Bodycombe

Content Manager & Pilot

Andy joined HexCam in August 2016, initially as a camera operator, having worked as a professional photographer, but quickly gained his pilot qualifications.  Andy comes from a renewable energy engineering background and worked in the PV solar industry between 1997 and 2016, well before the dawn of feed-in tariffs.  Andy is a fully qualified commercial drone pilot, our in-house solar expert and an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Having previously worked for rapidly growing companies including SolarCentury (now part of Statkraft) and OST Energy (now part of RINA), Andy was a HexCam Director from Dec 2017 to May 2023 and remains a key member of our team monitoring our sustainability performance and responsible for external-facing comms, website and social media content.

Our History

HexCam is one of the longest-established commercial drone operators in the UK. First registered in 2011 and receiving CAA permission number 117 in early 2012, we’ve been flying for over 11 years and continue to innovate and push both technical and regulatory boundaries.

We’re an ethical and sustainable business striving to provide our clients with high quality, highly reliable and professional aerial data and imaging services with minimal impact on the environment. Many of the services we offer have a lower environmental impact than traditional surveying and mapping techniques and we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients follow their own net-zero carbon journeys.

HexCam has always needed to be agile and continues to adapt as new technology emerges and as regulations change. This is a potted history of some of the key moments and key projects in our journey so far and some of the challenges we’re looking forward to taking on in the coming years.

Health & Safety Accreditation

HexCam has been operating safely since May 2012. We are one of the UK’s longest-established commercial drone operators and pride ourselves on our zero-accident track record and the safety systems and risk management procedures we have in place. We are used to operating in high-risk environments such as major key infrastructure construction projects and in close proximity to nuclear facilities and international airports.

As a micro-SME, we have not yet pursued ISO accreditation but it’s certainly something that we’re working towards. We operate in one of the most safety critical industries (aviation) and our operating procedures are regularly and robustly scrutinised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

  • We are Achilles UVDB Silver Plus members.
  • All our team have completed appropriate Health & Safety Training (including manual handling and asbestos awareness).
  • The team carry CSCS cards for working in a construction environment.
  • Two crew are fully trained to Level First Aid At Work (VTQ) standard.
  • All team members have CPR/BLS and AED (defib) Level 2 (VTQ) first aid training.

Our track record of safe operations was a key factor in our Operating Safety Case receiving CAA approval. We have a clear and well documented Health & Safety Policy which, together with our detailed site and task-specific RAMS procedure and safe operating record has been accepted by all our clients including major developers such as Vattenfall, ScottishPower Renewables and Equinor as well as Tier 1 contractors such as J Murphy & Sons, Kier, VolkerStevin and Balfour Beatty.

HexCam and the Environment

As a team, we’re passionate about sustainability and have already taken measures to significantly reduce our Scope 1 emissions – our vehicle fleet switched from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to fully electric (BEV) at the start of 2021. Most charging takes place at home using a 100% renewable tariff and when out on longer journeys we are careful to select public fast-charging providers that use 100% renewable energy.

Scope 2 emissions are harder for us to address as we rely on our landlord for our office electricity supply. However, below is a summary of the steps we have taken so far to minimise our Scope 2 emissions:

  • Office heating is timer and temperature controlled with rooms controlled separately so only heated when in use.
  • Monitoring smart plugs to allow us to track the energy used to maintain the right temperature and humidity conditions for our most sensitive equipment.
  • Small stand-alone solar-charged battery system to provide flight battery charging on site.
  • When we’re not on-site, stored solar energy (from our rooftop panels) is used to power our office laptops.

Scope 3 emissions are harder still to address, especially for a small SME. Our main equipment supplier, DJI, is a large international technology company and we have very little influence on them directly in terms of addressing their own carbon emissions. However, we have taken action where we can:

  • We engage with our subcontractors and smaller suppliers about their own carbon reduction targets and make informed decisions and supplier choices based on their match with our own objectives.
  • We encourage staff to cycle to work as much as possible and, even when using our EVs, car share as much as possible.
  • We place environmental management at the core of our business decisions.
  • Andy Bodycombe qualified as an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).
  • We minimise the use of paper (we don’t even have a printer in the office).
  • We carefully segregate our office waste into recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • Any food waste we generate is composted on site and will be used in planting and feeding natural shading on the south-facing side of our store.

We support campaigns that fit with our company values and have recently provided our drone filming services free of charge to Global Dimensions for their “Reboot The Future” campaign (Rise Up 2: Erin – how will you reboot the future?) highlighting actions that young people can take to feel empowered in helping to tackle the climate crisis.

In 2021, we set ourselves a goal of being net-zero carbon (Scope 1 and 2) by the end of 2024. We still have work to do to achieve this, particularly in our scope 2 emissions, and are in conversation with our landlord to find ways of switching their supply to a 100% renewable energy tariff.

We have more work to do, but we are determined to achieve that goal, even if that means identifying a Gold Standard offsetting scheme in the short term.

Local Supply Chain Collaboration

HexCam actively seeks out collaboration with other local companies who are experts in their field to produce appropriately skilled project teams. Although we operate across the UK, we are rooted in the East of England business community and are active members of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) and the “East Wind Offshore Cluster”

As a small business, we recognise the importance of paying our suppliers, subcontractors and staff on time. Late payments are one of the biggest causes of SME failure and we have experienced this issue first-hand with a large national civil engineering contractor.

We are signed-up “Pay On Time” supporters and are also signatories to the UK Government Small  Business Commissioner’s ‘Prompt Payment Code’. We aim to pay all our suppliers within 30 days of their invoice date. Occasionally our clients will insist on longer payment terms and monthly applications for payment. We make sure that this is transparently communicated to our subcontractors and will still, wherever possible, pay them in advance of us receiving payment. We try to avoid “we’ll pay you when we get paid” as much as possible.

All of our staff are fairly rewarded for the work they do and are now accredited ‘Real Living Wage’ employers. We regularly review our rates of pay to ensure that we never pay less than the Real Living Wage.

As well as collaborating with other local companies, we make donations to local charities (e.g. to assist recently with purchase of interactive whiteboard equipment)

We also provide our skills pro-bono to causes we feel passionate about. For example:

  • Extending our Happisburgh landfall survey area to provide information to the Parish Council to help determine coastal erosion rate neat to the village car park entrance.
  • Offering our LiDAR survey services to Necton football club to scope out new pitches (ongoing).