HexCam are headquartered at Place Farm in Norwich and have a track record of working alongside farmers and agronomists to develop drone-based services. Our drones can help you with many aspects of your work including:

Flood management

Aerial shots of flood management measures to gauge their effectiveness. We also provide aerial 3D and high resolution mapping providing detailed topographic data to aid in the design of flood control measures.

Crop management

Multispectral imagery from drones can be used to create NDVI maps to spot diseased areas before they become visible to the eye, crops with water or nutrient deficiencies and weed encroachment within crops. Plant health imagery can also identify areas where irrigation jets / nozzles are not providing adequate water to crops.


Mapping of tree areas for species identification, felling and disease management.

Irrigation and drainage

Thermal surveys to spot leaks in irrigation pipework and land drainage systems.

Land mapping

2D and 3D land mapping for crop analysis, drainage management and planning purposes.


HexCam provides a broad range of drone aerial imaging services to the construction sector and is fully equipped to work on any UK construction site. We take Health and Safety extremely seriously and fully risk assess each job, providing you with a RAMS document for review and approval. Our crews carry CSCS cards or an industry recognised equivalent and we will work with you to ensure that any imaging is completed with the safety of other site personnel and the general public as the primary consideration.

We carry out aerial surveys and site mapping to produce Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Surface Models (DSMs) from which topographic information can be drawn including automatic calculation of cut and fill volumes. Our RTK-enhanced drone surveying services can produce Absolute Accuracy down to 30mm and sub-centimetre resolution.

Our high resolution orthomosaic maps, 180 and 360 degree panoramas, overhead and oblique stills and UHD 4k video can be used for construction progress reporting, completion records or for promotional and marketing work.  Add to that our aerial thermography service and we can also help you with BREAAM assessments and construction quality control where continuity of insulation, elimination of cold bridges and air-tight construction are essential such as Passivhaus builds.

Wind Power

HexCam can provide aerial imaging, surveying and inspection services for onshore and offshore wind developments. From topographic surveys and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to assist with turbine placement and cable corridor planning, through to detailed visual inspection of completed and operational assets, we can support you. Our team have offshore experience working in the Southern North Sea.

Wind turbine inspection using drones to detect defects.

Aerial Photography and Video

There are many applications of UAV technology and our expertise is in flying drones in such a way that they can be used for a wide range of projects including: wildlife or nature documentaries and other television productions, structural or roof surveys, aerial mapping and archaeology, precision agriculture or even extreme sports events!

We have a selection of cameras at our disposal and can adapt the mounts on our hexacopters to carry specialist scanning equipment as well as traditional cameras, compacts, DSLRs, GoPros, thermal imaging cameras and more. Effectively, if it meets the maximum take off requirements of our aircraft we can carry it!

Please contact us if you have an idea and would like to see if it is feasible. We are friendly, professional and approachable and will soon be able to tell you if a project is possible. We are always looking for new ideas to expand our repertoire!

PV Solar

HexCam carry out aerial thermographic and high resolution visual inspections of ground-mounted and rooftop PV installations at all project stages – from ‘greenfield’ site topographic surveys and rooftop feasibility through to construction monitoring, commissioning and Operation and Maintenance (O&M).

Aerial thermography allows PV system operators and owners to carry out a detailed thermal inspection of 100% of the modules making up the plant and can pinpoint both module and Balance of System (BOS) faults that might otherwise be hard to detect.

For large ground-mounted PV systems aerial thermography offers significant time savings compared to walking the site and provides a fully reviewable and highly detailed visual and thermal ‘map' of the plant. For rooftop and other building-integrated PV installations, the need for access equipment and scaffolding is removed and the risks and hazards associated with working at height and on fragile roofs can be virtually eliminated.

All of our PV thermographic work is carried out in accordance with IEC 62446 and will satisfy the requirements of the draft standard IEC 60904-12.

Our in-house PV experience means that we can do more than simply provide you with data and images. We can also provide condition reports detailing any visual or thermal problems noted during an inspection including hot-spots, incorrect module clamping positions, poor cable management. Drones can’t quite (not yet anyway) ‘kick the tyres’ on a system inspection, so we wouldn’t be able to tell you about loose electrical or mechanical connections unless these were clearly visible.

Technical Inspection

Aerial imaging can give you views of your building and plant that are simply not possible without resorting to potentially expensive scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access. Risks and hazards associated with using these methods are virtually eliminated and we can carry out inspections with minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

We can provide additional monitors and camera operators allowing your own specialist surveyors, engineers or heritage architects to direct the inspection and focus on specific areas. Alternatively we can provide you with high resolution images and 4k video so that you can effectively conduct your survey offline.

Architectural Aerial Photography

Drone photography is an amazing way to get a new perspective on your architectural project.

Commercial Property Aerial Photography

Our drone equipment allows us to record aspects of your building, site, street or local area never seen before. Our images and video footage make an eye-catching addition to commercial brochures, websites or other promotional mediums.

Construction Projects Aerial Photography

Bring your construction project alive with aerial photography. Our unique aspect brings a creative addition to time-lapse footage of your site. Our drones allow us to film key moments of your build from a perspective that can not be achieved any other way. Key projects we have photographed include building projects on Norwich Research Park and the A11 technology corridor, as well as projects for Kier construction, RG Carter and Waites.

Archaeological Aerial Photography

Film and photograph the progress of your archaeological dig from a unique viewpoint that shows the entire site in context. Key projects we have photographed include the Caistor Roman project, St Benet's Abbey and Wymondham Abbey. We can create 3D models of archaeological structures and digs using photogrammetry.

Creative Aerial Photography

Engaging aerial footage and photography make it easy to sell almost any product or service, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition. We have worked with car manufacturers, football clubs, wedding venues and much more.


Map of HexCam's UK drone operator coverage.

HexCam’s base is in Norwich, Norfolk in the east of England but we have a growing national network of drone pilots and are able to respond to enquiries and deliver our quality services all across the UK.

Green: HexCam core coverage

Yellow: HexCam subcontract coverage

HexCam's distributed network of operators allows us to ensure UK-wide coverage without compromising on quality. When provided with a brief we choose pilots with the right level of experience and the correct equipment to carry out your job safely and effectively.