Aerial Photography and Video

There are many applications of UAV technology and our expertise is in flying drones in such a way that they can be used for a wide range of projects including: wildlife or nature documentaries and other television productions, structural or roof surveys, aerial mapping and archaeology, precision agriculture or even extreme sports events!

We have a selection of cameras at our disposal and can adapt the mounts on our hexacopters to carry specialist scanning equipment as well as traditional cameras, compacts, DSLRs, GoPros, thermal imaging cameras and more. Effectively, if it meets the maximum take off requirements of our aircraft we can carry it!

Please contact us if you have an idea and would like to see if it is feasible. We are friendly, professional and approachable and will soon be able to tell you if a project is possible. We are always looking for new ideas to expand our repertoire!

Commercial Property Aerial Photography

Our drone equipment allows us to record aspects of your building, site, street or local area never seen before. Our images and video footage make an eye-catching addition to commercial brochures, websites or other promotional mediums.

Architectural Aerial Photography

Drone photography is an amazing way to get a new perspective on your architectural project.

Construction Projects Aerial Photography

Bring your construction project alive with aerial photography. Our unique aspect brings a creative addition to time-lapse footage of your site. Our drones allow us to film key moments of your build from a perspective that can not be achieved any other way. Key projects we have photographed include building projects on Norwich Research Park and the A11 technology corridor, as well as projects for Kier construction, RG Carter and Waites.

Archaeological Aerial Photography

Film and photograph the progress of your archaeological dig from a unique viewpoint that shows the entire site in context. Key projects we have photographed include the Caistor Roman project, St Benet's Abbey and Wymondham Abbey. We can create 3D models of archaeological structures and digs using photogrammetry.

Aerial Survey Photography

Surveying buildings and sites can be time consuming and costly, especially if you need to hire scaffolding or lifting equipment. Our aerial surveys allow you to quickly achieve a birds eye-view of the situation and get up close to areas that may need special attention.

Creative Aerial Photography

Engaging aerial footage and photography make it easy to sell almost any product or service, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition. We have worked with car manufacturers, football clubs, wedding venues and much more.