HexCam are headquartered at Place Farm in Norwich and have a track record of working alongside farmers and agronomists to develop drone-based services. Our drones can help you with many aspects of your work including:

Flood management

Aerial shots of flood management measures to gauge their effectiveness. We also provide aerial 3D and high resolution mapping providing detailed topographic data to aid in the design of flood control measures.

Crop management

Multispectral imagery from drones can be used to create NDVI maps to spot diseased areas before they become visible to the eye, crops with water or nutrient deficiencies and weed encroachment within crops. Plant health imagery can also identify areas where irrigation jets / nozzles are not providing adequate water to crops.


Mapping of tree areas for species identification, felling and disease management.

Irrigation and drainage

Thermal surveys to spot leaks in irrigation pipework and land drainage systems.

Land mapping

2D and 3D land mapping for crop analysis, drainage management and planning purposes.