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Asset Inspection

HexCam has been providing reliable drone asset inspection services to a broad range of clients and industries since 2012. We are constantly innovating to make our inspection services as safe, efficient and data-rich as possible providing 3D views of assets that may not be possible using traditional access methods.

Asset Inspection //

Drone aerial inspections:
seeing your assets from a new perspective

We provide inspection services for a wide range of assets including residential property portfolios, large educational, retail and office premises, towers and chimneys, boiler interiors, reinstated cable corridors, railway tunnels, bridges and vent shafts.

Each inspection presents a unique set of flying challenges. We pride ourselves on our detailed planning and risk mitigation approach to aerial inspection. The reduced separations permitted in our CAA Operational Authorisation make it easy for us to work and fly in highly complex and congested areas.

If needed, we can position our drones as close as 10m from ‘Uninvolved People’ and 25m from ‘Assemblies of People’.

We provide drone inspection services to a wide range of clients including:

Asset inspection //

Our asset inspection process

We aim to achieve ‘blanket coverage’ of a building or other asset to allow offline or ‘desktop’ surveying to take place through the use of 3D ‘Digital Twin’ or 2D orthomapping, backed by high-resolution digital imagery.

We use aerial and ground-based image capture methods combined, when needed, with laser scanning to build detailed 3D models that will allow a level of anomaly identification, classification and reporting appropriate to each Client’s needs.

HexCam works closely with a number of cloud-based inspection software providers and will select the most appropriate online platform for the specific asset being inspected and the level of condition reporting needed.

Where complex ‘Digital Twin’ 3D visualisation is required, we use ‘Twinspect’ from Twinsity. Our building condition reports are produced in close collaboration with Norfolk-based Aspect Group Services. Where other specialist industry-specific reporting is needed, we form project collaborations with trusted expert asset inspectors.

Our data is inherently multi-use with underlying 3D point clouds often used to produce measured building survey drawings where original construction ‘as built’ drawings may be lost or out of date due to building modifications over the years.

Contact us now to see how our drone inspections can provide you with a new perspective on your buildings and assets.

Why use drones for asset inspection?

Faster and safer

than placing workers in MEWPs, on scaffolding or on ropes. Falls from height remain the most common cause of workplace fatalities accounting for 30% of all workplace deaths in 2022/23, a 5% increase on 2021/22. Eliminating the need to work from height in the first place should always be the first step in risk mitigation and drones have a huge role to play in improving workplace safety.

Significant cost savings

compared to scaffolding a large building in a busy or complicated urban setting, particularly where scaffolding licences and permits are required or where MEWP access is challenging.

Unobtrusive and low impact

on the occupants of buildings under inspection or on asset operations while a drone inspection takes place.

Digital twin ‘blanket’ coverage.

Views of asset surfaces from multiple angles without access equipment, such as scaffolding, obscuring views of building elements. Allows areas to be inspected time after time with the confidence that data and the resulting models can be easily aligned and compared to assess any changes on site.