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Creative Filming & Drone Photography

HexCam has been flying cameras on multi-rotor drones since 2012 – a time when smooth brushless 3-axis gimbals carrying high-end cameras were the stuff of dreams and gaffer tape and a GoPro were the reality. Things have changed a lot since then and drones of all types, lifting cameras of all weights, sizes and cost are now an essential tool on film and video productions.

Why choose aerial filming?

Drones provide viewpoints and camera movements that would otherwise be near-impossible or very expensive to recreate. They have opened up new creative possibilities that have transformed the way we view and experience programmes and films.

HexCam provides 4K drone footage for national broadcasters such as BBC and ITV, as well as for independent film and broadcast production companies, marketing agencies, PR firms and direct to internal marketing teams – scroll down for examples of our work.

Drone Services //

Our creative process

We can work as part of a location production team, with large crews, actors, tight deadlines and across multiple sites, or independently to a pre-agreed brief providing location GVs and B-roll material.

We can operate as a single or dual crew depending on the complexity of the shots needed and have a range of drones and cameras, to suit different briefs and budgets. We now provide “FPV” fly-through video capture offering an even wider range of creative shots.

When you need to retain full creative and technical control of the video workflow, we will provide ‘raw’ unedited 4K video rushes shot in ‘LOG’ allowing you to apply your own colour grading to blend our footage with the rest of your edit.

We can provide fully produced and edited aerial videos with captions, background music and voiceovers if needed. When it comes to stills, we can provide fully-edited imagery in the format you need to make an impact.

Our clients //

Who do we work with?

HexCam provides drone services to an extremely wide range of UK and international creative customers across broadcast, film, marketing agency and PR sectors.

We’re equally at home working in construction, industrial and other high-risk environments including major infrastructure, busy ports and airside at international airports. All of our crew carry CSCS cards and, as a heavily regulated aviation business, take the safety of our operations and those around us very seriously.

Drone Services //

Why use HexCam for your creative aerial filming and photography?

We’re rooted in creative imagery

Telling stories and documenting real events. HexCam’s very first commercial job in 2012 was to provide Kier with creative aerial footage, documenting the transport and installation of the ‘Southend Pier Cultural Centre’. Image quality and stabilisation as well as flight durations have improved significantly in the years since we used our original hexacopter (hence “HexCam”) for this job.

We get the shots

We’re used to capturing one-shot events with no retakes. Whether it’s chasing a coach down the A1 or getting a presenter’s piece to camera right first time, you can rely on us.

We can get in close

Our CAA permissions allow us to fly down to 10m from ‘uninvolved people’ and down to 25m horizontally from ‘assemblies of people’. And with the right safety measures in place we get even closer to cast and crew.

We’re safe

We have an unblemished safety record and are used to working in high risk environments. Our methods of working are all designed around ensuring the safety of the public as well as the crew.

Services to suit your budget

We don’t heavy lift huge cinematic cameras for Mission Impossible. We can however provide a range of 4K cameras to suit your budget and deliver footage that will blend well with your footage from other cameras.