Asset and Site Inspection

Aerial imaging using drones gives you a view of your buildings and critical assets that are simply not possible without resorting to potentially expensive scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access. Risks and hazards associated with using these access methods are virtually eliminated and we can carry out inspections with minimal disruption to your normal business and asset operations.

We can provide additional screens and a dedicated camera operator where complex piloting is needed, allowing your own specialist surveyors, engineers or facilities managers to direct inspections and to request our focus on specific areas. We will provide you with high resolution still images and up to 4k video so that you can effectively replay the inspection offline.

Industrial Assets

HexCam have experience of carrying out aerial inspections using drones in a variety of industrial settings including renewable energy plants (solar, wind and biomass) and even offshore to assist with salvage operations.

Buildings and Roofs

HexCam drone operators will work alongside your building surveyors and facilities teams to provide them with the imagery and video footage needed to complete detailed roof surveys and building condition reports. We’ve worked inside, above and around all types of buildings in all types of settings; from large commercial rooftops in out-of-town retail parks to listed buildings in busy urban settings.  Each drone inspection presents a unique set of challenges and we pride ourselves on our detailed planning and risk mitigation approach to aerial imaging.