HexCam can carry out aerial thermographic inspections of buildings and other assets including ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar (PV) modules and arrays. Aerial thermographic inspection of buildings and plant can help to identify areas of poor or failing insulation, cold bridges in construction as well as air leakage.

Use of aerial infrared imaging can also help to identify routes of sub-surface infrastructure and identify leaks in underground pipework including district heating schemes and  agricultural irrigation systems.

Our Sensors

Our workhorse for aerial thermography is a high precision Optris PI450 thermal camera. As well as producing fully radiometric stills, the camera is able to deliver fully radiometric video (.RAVI) files allowing full analysis, optimisation and adjustment of recorded data after capture. Our drones are chosen to carry the thermal cameras safely and effectively, giving an incredibly stable image.

We also have access to the DJI XT high resolution fully radiometric thermal camera which is highly suited to live review of images and data being captured where post-analysis of video is not required. The camera produces fully radiometric stills which can be post-processed using FLIR’s suite of thermal reporting software.