We decided finally to add a frequently asked questions section as we are getting a lot of questions about remote aerial photography equipment, training and services. Hope it helps! If not, please feel free to email or phone us: call 01603 673 616

Are your pilots qualified?

Yes, all the pilots we use hold a CAA recognised qualification. Whenever we work with other operators, we always make sure they are appropriately qualified and insured as well.

Are you insured?

Yes we have insurance for our machines and cameras and £5 million public liability insurance for flight operations in the UK.

How far can you fly?

We are currently operating under a standard CAA permission for aerial work which means we can fly up to 500m from the pilot horizontally and 400 feet (120m) vertically. It is possible to get exemptions to fly further and higher but it may incur extra cost and can take up to 3 weeks to organise. Generally the limits are more than sufficient for the majority of projects.

What are your flight times?

Flight times vary depending on the copter and camera payload but are typically around 10-20 minutes per battery set. Larger cameras may have flight times down to around 6 minutes and some lightweight cameras can be flown for over 20 minutes. These times may seem short, but with good planning, a lot can be achieved and we carry plenty of batteries.

Do you have a client list?

Our client list is on a separate page at the moment: HERE

Can you fly drones in London?

There are two issues with flying in London. The first is most of the City of London is a restricted area (EGR 160). There are also two additional restricted areas (EGR 157 and EGR 158) in the City and another two nearby. Any aircraft, no matter how small has to submit a non-standard flight application to fly in these areas. This can take up to 21 days and permission is not guaranteed. London is also a congested area which can limit the size of aircraft that can fly. As a result working in London is possible but you should allow around a month to organise the project, it may incur extra administration costs and we can't guarantee permission will be able to be obtained.

Can you fly at night?

Yes we are one of the few companies in the UK who have permission from the CAA for low-light operations. This required applying for a variation to our permission for aerial work and writing night flying procedures which mean our flying is a little more limited than it is in daylight hours.

How do I become qualified for drone aerial photography?

We have written a blog to assist people who are interested in starting their own aerial photography business. If you have any questions, or need multirotor training or equipment, get in touch! Please see our drone training blog.