Filming the Tour du Congo

Jun 21, 2013 | Aerial Film

We were commissioned to provide aerial footage of the first Tour du Congo (‘Le Premiere Tour Cycliste International de la RDC Tour de l’Unite’)


Cycle chase through Kinshasa

So, a first for me. We had permission from the Congolese government to chase the cyclists through the streets of Kinshasa. We ended up tracking them for about 3.5 km in 6 and a half minutes before I landed to check battery life as running flat out isn’t something I do very often. It turned out the battery was at about 40% so I probably had another couple of minutes meaning we could have gone about 5km. We changed batteries and picked up the chase again. We kept it as safe as possible by flying over the centre of the road and had a police bike escort to help our driver Steve. Adrenaline rush central! These images are video grabs and heavily reduced for upload. I’ll upload the whole video when I get back to the UK.


Today’s stage finished in Inkisi. Due to time restrictions and tight crowds we used the small hexacopter with GoPro Hero 3. It caused quite a stir! We had permission to fly along the line of the road and an open area behind the band, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks!

Lost track of which day

Basically, this morning the riders did a short parade race in Kinshasa before being moved to a village some 200km away to start today’s stage proper. This was the start in the village. I can’t begin to express how vast and beautiful this country is. The pictures can’t do it justice, particularly as I have had to shrink the screen grabs so small to get them out over this connection!

You can find more photos of this project and others on our Facebook page.

Slower animation of 3D model of excavation at Caistor Roman Project
3D animation from octocopter pictures of excavation of Anglo-Saxon sunken-featured house.
Caistor Roman Project 2012 octocopter footage