Off to the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Jun 15, 2013 | Aerial Film

The last time I went to Africa was in 1997 as part of a team from our university.

We worked on a building project as well as doing outreach work in local schools, churches and communities. We travelled as a team of 12 so it feels odd now to be sat in Heathrow airport on my own waiting for my next trip to that beautiful continent.

This time in my flight case I have two radio controlled hexacopters. My small one carries a GoPro our light compact, while the larger one carries a Sony Nex-5N. It’s a big flight case so my biggest worry is getting it on the plane.

I’ve been doing a little bit of reading on the DRC and have learnt a little bit about the tragic genocide during colonisation.

The current president is trying to instigate a “revolution de la modernite” and this is perhaps why I am here. On the surface to provide coverage of the Tour du Congo cycle race, but, looking deeper, to help to show a nation on the brink of change. Apparently there is new road infrastructure to film as well as stunning scenery.

Kinshasa is predicted to become one of Africa’s supercities over the next century if the government can maintain stability over this huge nation.

I am a little nervous but first stop Brussels then Kinshasa!

Slower animation of 3D model of excavation at Caistor Roman Project
3D animation from octocopter pictures of excavation of Anglo-Saxon sunken-featured house.
Caistor Roman Project 2012 octocopter footage