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The Winerack, Ipswich – Construction Monitoring

Category: Construction Monitoring

Client: RG Carter for
Ipswich Wharf Developments

Date: September 2018 to January 2020.

Summary: Repeated drone flights capturing video and stills of construction progress and completion for The Winerack apartments in Ipswich.

Albian Wharf, known locally as ‘The Winerack’ due to its distinct and partially completed concrete shell, had stood empty since 2008 when RG Carter were selected by Ipswich Wharf Developments to complete the building. Aerial filming and photography was required for capturing the physical scale of the project (including its 80m high tower crane) and for internal and external-facing communication of construction progress.

HexCam was engaged by RG Carter in September 2018 to provide the first site overviews supplying high resolution aerial photographs and video footage that could be used for construction progress monitoring as well as project communication and updates. Our scope of work included liaison with the ABP Port of Ipswich and the supply of all RAMS required to demonstrate to the RG Carter site team that drone work could be completed safely on the compact city centre quayside site with minimal disruption to neighbours or to site activities.

Our DJI ‘Inspire 2’ filming drone, carrying DJI’s ‘X5S’ micro 4:3 camera, was used in ‘2-crew’ mode (separate pilot and camera operator) to capture high Ultra High Definition (UHD / 4K) aerial video footage and high resolution photographs from multiple viewpoints. In addition, we deployed our smaller DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to capture internal shots of the unusual car stacker system under construction in a GPS-deprived environment. A mix of technical and creative shooting styles were used to provide RG Carter with the multi-use media they required.

Our final visit to the site was made in January 2020 to capture the completed Winerack. Footage was used by RG Carter both internally and externally including as part of the project video case study.