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Drone Surveys & Mapping

HexCam is trusted by some of the UK’s largest renewable energy infrastructure developers and Tier 1 construction contractors to provide safe, reliable and unobtrusive aerial mapping and surveying services.

Why use us //

Advantages of HexCam’s aerial land mapping and surveying

We use RTK-equipped drones with a range of LiDAR and visual sensors to produce high-resolution 2D orthomosaic mapping (Orthomaps), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), topographical surveys and 3D Point Clouds with outputs individually tailored to each client’s needs.

Fast data capture

Surveys are more up-to-date allowing potential issues on the ground and evidence-driven actions to be identified at the earliest possible opportunity.


Our data capture techniques require only a small number of independently verified Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Quality Check Points (CPs) resulting in minimal access requirements on the ground. This makes our surveys inherently safe and unobtrusive.


RTK drone and sensor positioning, combined with well-tested capture and processing techniques (including PPK) produce reliable absolute survey accuracy.

Reduced landowner contact

Fewer Take Off and Landing Sites (TOLS), GCPs and CPs minimise the number of interactions needed with landowners. Our experience of working through the shooting season, and the specific challenges this presents, minimises disturbance and delays to both survey and shoot.

Extremely high date density

Drone surveying provides extremely rich data compared to ground-based GNSS rover techniques.


Automated flight and data capture missions allow areas to be resurveyed time after time with the confidence that survey data can be easily aligned and compared to assess changes on the site.

Drone Services //

Our drone survey process

We always start by listening to our clients to understand the specific problem they want to solve. This initial discussion helps us appreciate how data should be presented to integrate with existing project design and GIS processes.

We then work backwards to identify the most appropriate equipment as well as the planning, data capture, processing and presentation workflows needed to solve their particular problem.

Our extended CAA permissions and dual pilot mission planning set us apart in our ability to cover long linear (LiDAR topo surveys of 60km long corridors are not a problem for us) and wide area sites quickly and efficiently with minimal time spent on the ground at Take Off and Landing Sites (TOLS) and a reduced need to pack down equipment to move between sites.

Drone Services //

What are the outputs?

We can produce web-viewable orthomosaics and Point Clouds with a wide range of Ground Sample Distances (GSD) appropriate to a client’s particular project data application. We use a wide range of web-based viewers allowing our customers to measure distance, areas, volumes and relative heights as standard.

Deliverables are tailored to meet project-specific needs. Output data can be supplied in a range of formats, including Densified Point Clouds .LAS and .LAZ, suitable for all kinds of surveying and engineering applications.