UK based Drone Flight Training through The Aerial Academy

Through our Aerial Academy we offer tailored drone pilot training. Whether you are new to flying or moving to a new aircraft type, we can help. We only train on multirotor aircraft but can recommend training venues for traditional RC helicopters and fixed-wings. Drone flight training takes place near Norwich and consists of a mix of PC simulator training and initial flights using our equipment before moving on to your equipment. We can also help you with basic setup and maintenance if you are new to multirotors.

We train on anything from small DJI Phantom and Inspire1 drones all the way up to heavy-lift octocopters. We can provide equipment for initial training so that you can see if the drone industry is for you without investing heavily in equipment. 

As a complete novice I would not have liked to have flown straight ‘out of the box’. HexCam gave me the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and responsibly.
— Paul O, Smokestack Images
I have nothing but praise for HexCam. Helpful, friendly and full of practical advice from the day I first approached them, which has been very reassuring as I start my new venture.
— Justin T, Seymour Productions

New to drones?

Commercial operation of a drone, also known as UAS (unmanned aircraft system) or RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system) of any size in UK airspace requires registration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

As of March 2015 there are now several routes to achieve your CAA permission. It doesn't matter how small the drone is, there are no exceptions to the requirement for a CAA permission. As soon as you receive "valuable consideration" for commercial operations, your company must have a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

If you have no previous aviation experience you need to attend a course run by one of the Civil Aviation Authority Full National Qualified entities. At The Aerial Academy we run the TAA-C certification, offering an excellent route to a drone pilot qualification approved by the CAA. As a result, we can run a full programme of flight training and qualifications at Norwich, Swansea, Bath and Manchester. We also run flight training at other locations.

The course increased my confidence and awareness of my own craft’s operation and allowed me valuable experience with other UAS.
— Ray W, Tollbridge Films
Watching youtube in order to learn course and home lock is no substitute for doing it in real life with someone to help if it goes wrong.
— Ayhan D, Flying Bear Photo